Product Image Editing

Outsource Product Photo Editing / Product Retouching Services

OPUS has been provided that trade photo editing services to our clients for over years at present. We have been provided that profitable photo editing services for a extensive range of verticals, together with, but not restricted to jewels, furniture, apparels, automobile, real estate, food, fashion and several more. Our product image editing team makes certain to take away critical backgrounds, unnecessary distractions, terrible lighting and color defects from your unique photos to guarantee that the image is as close to ideal as probable!

Product Photo Editing Services: it includes image cropping, all along with contrast adjustments and color corrections.

Photo Enhancement Services: it includes background enhancement, color adjustments, image cropping and colorization.

Color Correction services: Our product image editing panel will renovate color to your imagery, while harmonizing the intensity and contrast of digital imagery.

Background Enhancement services: Our ecommerce image enhancement panel can restore white and black backgrounds with color as necessary.

Image Cropping: Our product photo retouching team will crop and remove unnecessary elements from your image to make them more attractive to the end user.

Ecommerce Image Clipping: Our ecommerce photo clipping panel offers you with easy, compound, super compound, and multi-clipping services to eliminate unnecessary backgrounds and offer a consistent look to a set of imagery.

Image Isolation/Extraction services: We will make sure that all images have wonderful outlines and clearness.

Image masking services: Our ecommerce image editing panel will renovate your imagery by means of highly developed masking techniques like layer masking, alpha channel masking, translucency or transparency masking.